Shellac is our favourite polish and if you’ve never tried it before let me tell you a bit about it! Shellac is the trade name for a hybrid gel polish made by CND and being a gel polish means that it needs a special type of light to help it ‘cure’.

Under an LED light Shellac cures in seconds so there’s no risk of smudging when you’re searching for your keys.Because it’s a gel, you get extra durability. It’s strong and offers your nails protection. We have many ex-nail biters who return to us again and again thanks to Shellac, and those of you who find that your nails are too weak to grow, a coat of shellac will help you to grow them.

It will give you a high gloss finish and 2+weeks of wear. It also soaks off very easily when you’ve had enough and fancy a change.It really doesn’t cause nail damage, despite what some people may claim. They may well have had their Shellac done by a therapist that has not been trained by CND or they may have peeled it off which can cause a bit of temporary surface damage.

But looked after, and left alone, Shellac is a beautiful polish that gives strength and shine and durability and comes in so many colours that you could never be bored.After using Shellac for many years, we have come to know and understand the way it works in depth, and how you can get the best out of it, so read on for our best tips to keep it looking great, and your nails healthy.

Protect Your Nails

By wearing gloves when cleaning, gardening or using chemicals you are protecting your nails and skin and stopping them from drying out which is crucial for healthy nails. If your nails are flaking on the ends it can be a sign that they are dehydrated from products that you are using.

Use Solar Oil

Solar oil is a nourishing nail and cuticle oil that contains almond oil and vitamin E. It’s very good for nails and helps to keep them healthy and supple. It also works very well with Shellac and it’s recommended to use it twice a day.

Avoid Sunscreen and Insect Repellent on your Nails

If you need to wear sunscreen or insect repellant it’s a good idea to wash it off your hands and nails afterwards as it has been known to lift Shellac off the nail or leave it looking bleached.

Soak off Safely

Shellac adheres onto your nail quite strongly so if you peel it off you run the risk of removing a layer or two of nail which will cause your nails temporary damage. The safest way to remove Shellac is through soaking them in CND nourishing remover for the recommended time. This product is available to buy at the salon, or you can book a professional removal with us if you prefer to follow on with a fresh coat of colour.

Shellac on Toes

Shellac will last for several weeks on your toes too which makes it the perfect go-to summer polish of choice. We would recommend regular monthly pedicures to keep hard skin at bay and plenty of moisturiser to keep your feet soft.