❣️❣️❣️❣️Intimate Waxing- All the questions you’ve wanted to ask but have been too afraid to❣️❣️❣️❣️
Are you curious about getting waxed but have a load of questions that you’re just too embarrassed or afraid to ask?
Well look no further because we have compiled a list of 10 of your most frequently asked intimate wax questions!
Q. Does it hurt? 🙀🙀🙀
A. Like a mother f****r. Haha, no, only joking! It IS a bit ouchy but it’s nothing that you can’t cope with. 
It’s been hyped up to be this super really painful treatment but I’m the biggest whimp going and even I can get my scrambled eggs between the legs as smooth as a boiled egg.
We also use an excellent hot wax, none of that nasty sticky warm wax, so it doesn’t stick to your skin and makes waxing super quick and effective.
Q. I have had a c-sect, and I’m worried about the scar, can this be waxed over?
A. As aforementioned, we use a really great non-sticky hot wax which can safely cover moles, skin tags, piles, labia, clitoris’s and even c-sect scars without hurting them or removing them (thank god!) “Here! Sioned! Go and get the nail glue, I think I’ve taken off someone’s clitoris again!” Said I never. 🙀🙀🙀
 However we do recommend that you get the all clear from your GP or Midwife before embarking on an intimate wax after a c-sect.
Q. I’m pregnant, is it safe to wax?
A. Yes absolutely. We do advise that you leave it for the first trimester, however if you’ve been getting your bubble gum by the bum waxed since forever then please do carry on if you’re feeling up to it.
Pregnancy hormones can affect your skin and hair growth so you might notice things behaving differently down there whilst you are pregnant so be prepared for any changes and just play it by ear.
Q. It is ok for me to have a wax whilst I’m on my period?
A. Yep, absolutely! As long as your comfortable and wear a tampon or a cup then we are good to go. 
If you’re not feeling up for it though (which we more than understand) just let us know and we will reschedule your appointment for a more convenient time. 
Q. How long does it need to be, and how long is too long?
A. Ideally your hair should be about as long as a grain of rice, so 3-5mm, and that’s about 7-10 days after shaving. There’s no such thing as too long either so don’t worry if your Cats Paw is more like a Whisker Biscuit, we can still wax you.
Step away from the razor!
Q. I’m hairier than a Furby! It travels down my thighs, up my stomach and I’ve also got a hairy butt, will I be charged extra?
A. Generally no. If your hair tracks down your thighs then we might suggest a 1/2 leg wax too as that’s crossing into leg territory but hairy butts and tummy’s are all included in the price.
Q. How long does a wax take to do? 
A. Being as we can wax your wand waxed quicker than you can say ‘abracadabra’, not long at all, which is good really, as we don’t want you having to lay legs akimbo any longer than you would want to, which is around 10-20mins on average.
Q. I’ve heard all sorts of stories about the positions you need me to get into to reach all parts. Eek! Is this true? I’m also not very flexible!
A. Whilst every salon is different and each has their own techniques, we only ask that you get into two comfortable positions during your wax. 
One we call the ‘happy kitty’, (think of the yoga pose) and the other is relaxing on your back. You could almost fall asleep! Almost.
Q. How long should I leave between waxes? 
A. In the beginning we recommend 3-4 weeks between waxes, and as the rate of hair growth slows down for you, you can stretch out your waxes. 
Our regular waxers can go for 6 weeks between their waxes. That’s such an awesome result and the goal for most of our intimate wax ladies.
Q. What about ingrown hairs? How do I prevent them and what if I get one?
A. You will probably know if you’re more prone to ingrown hairs as you would get them after a shave. 
Not everyone gets them but those that do are given plenty of aftercare advice from us which helps reduce them a lot.
We also retail a couple of products in the salon that help prevent ingrown hairs and if you do get one, more often than not we can help remove it.
Shaving tends to make them worse, as does irregular waxing so if you want to keep your sugar box sweet then keep it regular and DONT EVER SHAVE. EVER.
We hope that you have enjoyed our FAQ’s blog post. If you’re thinking about taking the clunge, we are offering a £10 discount to every new brazilian/hollywood client. Just quote PRETTYKITTY when you book in.