I know that lots and lots of us take vitamin and mineral supplements for good reasons but did you know that there’s a huge difference between synthetic vitamin supplements (generally what most OTC are) and organic, plant derived supplements. 🌱🌱

Synthetic vitamin supplements are created in a lab and are pretty useless to the body as it cannot utilise them. They are basically fake and foreign.

Most OTC vitamin supplements are cheap and synthetic and when you take these you are over loading your body with more toxins.👩🏻‍🔬

Plant derived, organic vitamin supplements CAN be utilised by your body. 👨🏻‍🌾

I am in no way affiliated with any vitamin company. I’m just sharing this info as it might help someone. ✌🏻

I get my plant-derived vitamin supplements online from Cytoplan. They are more expensive but I’d rather pay a bit extra for vitamins that my body can use than waste money on synthetic stuff that it can’t. ❤️

Also, if anyone struggles with low iron, you can get a box of iron rich water sachets from the chemist. It’s called SpaTone. It comes from Snowdonia and is 100% natural and doesn’t give you the digestive issues that iron tablets do. 💪🏻

I struggled with low iron during each pregnancy and used SpaTone each time to bring my levels back up to normal (even though my doctor scoffed at the suggestion 😉) It works!

Disclaimer: this is not intended as medical advice, it is just my own personal opinions through trial and error and research.