What does it mean to be self-loving?

We all have 4 aspects of our being that require equal attention.

There’s the PHYSICAL, the MENTAL, the SPIRITUAL and the EMOTIONAL to consider and take care of.

To me I use the chair with 4 legs analogy to help me work out if I have all 4 legs balanced and on the floor at any one time. (I often don’t, usually I struggle with the physical)

If you imagine that each leg of the chair you are sitting on represents each aspect of our self, are they all in balance and sitting equally on the floor?

Or do you have more focus in one or more areas and the other areas are a bit neglected and therefore wobbly?


Do you take care of your physical body? Are you getting enough sleep? Eating nourishing foods? Caring for your skin, hair and nails? Drinking enough clean, pure water? Are you exercising regularly? Do you smoke, drink and eat lots of sugar and junk foods?


Are you learning and challenging your mind? Are you growing and treating your mind to new experiences? Or do you do the same things, day in, day out and everything is on repeat? Are you isolated? Do you make it a practice to meditate? Do you train yourself to be mindful of the thoughts that you are thinking? Are you a glass half empty person, or do you like to see the bright and fun side of life?


Are you following your true purpose? Do you believe that you have a higher purpose? Do you believe that there’s something more than what we see with our 3D eyes, not necessarily religion, but a feeling that there’s more to life than what’s visible. Do you have a connection with nature and animals? Do you think about and ‘talk’ to loved ones that have passed over?


Do you acknowledge, accept and approve of the emotions that you feel? Do you allow yourself the time and the space to feel what you’re feeling? Do you say ‘no’ often enough and have healthy emotional boundaries? Do you use your emotions as a guidance system or do you block, numb, suppress and distract yourself from what you are feeling?

Are all four of your chair legs firmly on the floor?