Whatever your shape, whatever your size, whatever your age, everything looks better when it’s a smooth, golden brown. A great spray tan will enhance the appearance of your skin, smooth out uneven patches and help to disguise stretch marks and can even lift your mood.

A good spray tan takes minutes to apply and should last you up to a week when you follow our preparation and aftercare advice. We also have different options available so that you can choose the right tan for your skin type and lifestyle.

After spray dozens and dozens of people every single year and for every occasion possible, we consider ourselves pretty knowledgeable in helping you to achieve the perfect tan that perfectly suits the look you’re trying to achieve.

Please read on for our top tips!

The Day Before

  • No 1 De-fuzz
  • Prepare your skin! You wouldn’t paint a wall without making sure it’s clean, dry and free from any lumps and bumps otherwise your finish won’t be very attractive. It’s the same for your skin.
  • The day before your tan remove any unwanted hair. If you do this too soon before your tan then you will be left with a speckled effect on the shaved areas.

No 2 Lather up

Wash yourself with a non-moisturising shower gel and pay close attention to your armpits as any residual deodorant or anti perspirant can react with the spray tan and turn your pits a bit green. Avoid shower gels like Imperial Leather and Dove as these are highly moisturising and create a barrier.

No 3 Scrub

You want to remove any dead or dry skin from every area on your body. The best way to do this is with sugar or salt. It acts as a great natural exfoliator and doesn’t contain any oils which create a barrier between your skin and the tan. Exfoliating mitts are ok but they are not as good as plain old sugar or salt. Be sure to use a fine grit table salt or caster sugar and not rock salt otherwise it might be too rough.

Pay particular attention to dry areas such as the elbows, knees and ankles.

No 4 Go bare

Avoid putting on any deodorant, anti perspirant, creams, lotions or perfume as they can create a barrier and react with the spray tan turning your skin green.

If you have dry or tight skin on your face, you can use a tiny bit of oil free moisturiser here.

On The Day

* Wear loose, dark clothing and remove any jewellery
* Apply a barrier cream to dry areas such as the elbows, knees and ankles
* Bring a hair bobble to tie long hair back
* Come without any makeup, deodorant, antiperspirant, creams or lotions
* Bring an umbrella in case of rain

After Your Tan

* Avoid getting water splashes on your skin for the developing time
* Avoid rubbing your skin
* Shower with plain, warm water after the developing time
* Moisturise using an oil free moisturiser

We hope that our top tips help and if you have any questions about tanning, please get in touch!